Welcome to Her World

You've done it now! You've found yourself doing life alongside a horse-loving gal.

Welcome to a Whole 'Nother World:)

Take it from me - we're a special breed. We're go-getters, assertive, sometimes fussy, rarely bored, and devoted to this horse thing that can seem alien to many.

Pictured above: Your Lady / Lady Love / Daughter / Gal-Pal / Mom / Sister

.... who probably loves you a lot. But let's not overlook the common denominator here:)

Your Lady Love's Beloved Horse

Also pictured above: "Beloved" : her Horse / Pony / Bestie / Therapy Animal / Beneficiary

....and her thing for this Beloved is really a whole 'nother matter. Truth is, "you may never understand" fully, but most Horse Husbands, Dads and Boyfriends will admit . . they see it in their eyes . . feel it from their hearts. . . these girls are soooo happy with horses in their lives.

The good news? You have choices! You can join-in or opt-out. Chances are she'll be in the barn in either case.

If you've opted in (or your Lady Love gifted you this course with such hopes,) then you're just minuted away from a whole lot of tips and inside info that'll really grease those Horse Husband wheels.

How does this play out for you?

• You'll feel better because she's happier . . you can be there, be safe, be helpful!

• You'll get invited to the barn parties (these girls usually know how to have a good time)

• The other Horse Husbands are gonna wanna buy you a cheeseburger at the horse shows and figure out how you're coping so well.

Nuff said. Let's go!