Rob is a Horse Husband Graduate . . he had this to say . .

"My wife bought this for me as a gift. Really fun read. Short enough and very helpful!"

This short, fun, and info'-mative course is designed for the boyfriend, husband, father, brother or guy-pal who would be jazzed to be in-the-barn and in-the-know!

He'll feel confident and able to help. You'll be happy you've got back-up (and more time to ride), and your Beloved Horse will have one more human who understands him!

Total Course Time: About 1 Hour
Short how-to Videos: 8
Downloadables: 2

Husband Points: Countless!

A great investment to get your Horse Husband up to
speed and feeling confident in the barn. (So you can go ride!)
Cori Nichols HorseGirl

Hi, I’m Cori Nichols

As a life-long horse gal I've had my fair share of joys - and yes - challenges.

This whole horse-thing is a blast, a learning process, and alot of work! A little help from others goes a lonnnng way.

Hence, a course for the fellas - the men in our lives who probably didn't grow up doing this . . . . Your guy likely has loads of good intentions and well, might also have the opportunity for some practical knowledge and insider tips.

Horse Husbands was designed for both of you!

Have fun!!